The world lost Prince Rogers Nelson one year ago today. He was a musical savant and songwriting genius who marched to the beat of his own drum and his music was iconic to many.

As we remember Prince today, we wanted to highlight some of his songs that really resonated with everyone at JACK.

Kiah Tucker – “Cream”

“The first Prince song I absolutely loved. It was a long hot summer that year in Oz and I had it on repeat.”


Tara Jean – “Kiss”

“It’s my favourite Prince song because my sister and I did a lip-sync/dance to it when we were kids. We still have the VHS tape of our performance!”


Producer Eric – “Funknroll”

“One song? No. I can break it down to like three:”

  1. Prince “How Come You Don’t Call Me Anymore?”. It is the perfect break up song, it has a jazzy blues sound and everything about it works for the topic.
  2. Sheila E – “Noon Rendezvous”. It that has a break so funky you have to keep a can of febreeze around to spray while it’s playing.
  3. Prince – “I Would Die For You”.  It’s a break up song saying ‘I am happy it’s over and here is why I love you’. It is some weird contradiction that I like. Did I say three? I meant four.
  4. Prince – “Funknroll”. It is one of his newer songs that is funky as funk, and I do believe he brings out his alter ego Camille for an appearance.”


Rick Lee – “Scandalous!”

“Scandalous was so cheesy yet sultry. It was one of those rare moments when the music made the movie. My cassette couldn’t handle the amount of times I hit play, stop, and rewind on the Batman soundtrack”


Terry Chan (Asst. Program Director) – “Let’s Go Crazy”

“Not only great memories of Grade 10 in East Van, but great memories of owning my decision to put this song on a mix tape I was in charge of for a friend’s house party. Prince’s blistering guitar definitely turned heads, but in short order, the dance area was full!”


Corbet Rutzer (Music Director) – “Sexy Dancer”

“The funk is strong with this one. It’s early Prince (which is my favourite ‘Princian era’) and when you consider that he was only 20 when he made this song it’s kind of crazy that someone so young could write such adult music.”


Check out all of our favourite Prince songs in the handy Spotify playlist!

And let us know what your favourite Prince song is on Facebook or Twitter and we’ll add your songs to the playlist!


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