For sports fans, this truly is the most wonderful time of the year: NHL & NBA playoffs plus the start of new MLB & MLS seasons means you can hardly turn on your TV without some sort of sports to watch.

And one of our favourite things about sports (apart from the high drama and deep-fried stadium food) is the music that gets the athletes and fans psyched for the big game! Yep, the jock jams. So we decided that we would host a ‘Jock Jams Weekend’ on JACK, starting this Friday at 3pm and running until Sunday at Midnight. Y’all ready for this?

(Because if you’re not, we even made a handy Jock Jams on JACK Spotify playlist so you can brush up on your favourites!)

Let us know what your favourite “jock jam” is and why on Facebook and Twitter!

And “Go Team!”

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