For most music fans there is a Pink Floyd song for every occasion.


A loved one lost.



That time you took waaaay to much acid.



Or that time you didn’t eat your meat, so you didn’t get any pudding.



Now there is a shrimp that will remind you of Pink Floyd.



It is called Synalpheus Pinkfloydi and it is really cool.




It’s non-science name is the Pistol shrimp. It has a distinctive pink snapping claw that it uses to stun prey with sonic energy.  The sonic energy it produces is louder than a rock concert.


I wonder what song it plays?  Rick Dees and His Cast of Idiots – Disco Duck?



If the sonic waves don’t kill you, the song will.


A zoologist from Oxford University’s Museum of Natural History, Dr Sammy de Grave, has been waiting for his chance to honour Pink Floyd by giving their name to a newly discovered species.


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