It was released 30 years ago but sounds like something that was just released yesterday.  As always Prince, made music that time could not place any limits on.  Like everything he did, he did it for us, the fans. Because we respected him, he showed the ultimate respect back, by never settling for less than the best when it came to his music.


Sign O’ The Times is a great example of that.


Sign O’ The Times only hit 20 on the Billboard charts in the U.S but has some of the funkiest Prince songs we have heard.



It did hit #1 on the charts in Switzerland.  Which tells us, well nothing really, but it is cool.


Of course, you can’t have a Prince album at that time without the lovely Sheena. E, making a few appearances.  She played drums and percussion throughout the album and sang co-lead vocals on, U Got The Look.



You know you have really made it when the Muppets appear on your video.  This is a not to often seen video of Prince doing, Starfish and Coffee.



Look I am a huge fan of Prince, but that scene of him cuddling the muppet in his arms creeped me the F out.  Showing once again that when you are that good, you can get away with it.


Whatever the song Sign o’ The Times is a classic album full of gems that really take you through the many faces of Prince, pick it up if you don’t have it.


If you really want to explore the funk that Prince has to offer, check out this PODCAST it is full of gems and some rare tracks you might not know about.


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