We all know and love Roy Orbison, so it is hard to believe that there was a time in his career when he was not writing hit songs, or as popular as he should have been.

I mean come on, Blue Bayou should have carried him all the way to the 80’s.



Yet there was a time when Roy was on the backburner.

But in 1986 Roy wrote the song “In Dreams” for the David Lynch movie, Blue Velvet.



This was the hit he needed.

So in 1987 he aired his comeback special live from the Cocoanut Grove night club in Los Angeles.  At that show were some people you might have heard of, Bruce Springsteen, Elvis Costello to name a few and they all had nice things to say about Roy Orbison.


The footage is part of a re-release out on Feb 24, called Black and White Night 30, a 33 minute mini-doc featuring post and pre show interviews and a bunch of other cool stuff. Bonus features include an unseen (and unheard) alternate version of Orbison’s biggest hit Oh, Pretty Woman and Blue Angel.

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