He was one of the last people taken from us by the year 2016 and for some, the loss of George Michael was the hardest one to deal with.



Whether you were a fan of Wham or more connected to his solo work, George Michael is one of those artists that was not only popular in North America.  You could walk to most corners of the world, mention his name and people would know a song or lyric.



It turns out, true to his art, in the weeks leading up to his death George Michael was in the studio working on a new song.


He was working with producer Naughty Boy on what is thought to be one of the last songs he actually finished.  Naughty boy has stated that he thinks the song is amazing but isn’t sure if he will release it.  He stopped working on the song just after George passed and just started working on it again recently.  Naughty Boy said to the BBC “The song is amazing but it’s just a bit bittersweet”.  His final statement on the song was “we will see how it goes”.

So fingers crossed, we could see a new George Michael song in the future.


  • Eric



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