If you grew up in the ’80s you are no doubt familiar with the works of Alfred Yankovic aka Weird Al. His parody songs, wild hair and love of the accordion made him a pop culture icon… who has sold over 12 million albums and won 4 Grammy Awards!

And while you may have owned a copy of “Even Worse” on tape back then, you now have a chance to own all 14 of Weird Al’s albums in one super awesome collector’s boxset! And to top it off the boxset is packaged inside a non-playable replica of Al’s famous accordion!!

The Vinyl set starts at $395 and the CD version starts at $263 but if you’re a HUGE fan you can splurge for the Platinum bundle, which also includes a 100 page collector’s book, a t-shirt, some Weird Al magnets plus a bonus albums of rarities and demos. Budget accordionly (see what we did there), as the Platinum version will set you back $625.

To place your pre-order, visit Weird Al’s Pledge Music page here.

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