There are some wonderful things from the 90s, like Fresh Prince of Bel Air.

There were also some lame things about it.

But no matter what happened good or bad, I bet there is a song form the nineties that when you hear it, it takes you right back. So what would be better then a whole concert full of those songs?

The “I Love the 90s” tour is coming to Abbotsford.

The lineup includes:

Vanilla Ice.

If you didn’t know, Vanilla Ice also had a movie called Cool as Ice. It was classic ’90s.

Salt and Peppa will be in the house.

Color Me Badd too.

And with a jam for all the fellas… Young MC.


The “I Love the 90s” tour will in Abbotsford on Saturday, April 22, 2017 at Abbotsford Centre.

Ticket’s go on sale on Dec 16th at 10am and prices range from range from $36 to $86.







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