Sure the stairway trial ended with Led Zeppelin in the clear, but 1 outta 11 is not a great track record.

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What am I talking about? Well over the years Led Zeppelin has been taking music, not changing it at all and calling it theirs.  No, not a small part of a song, no not a few notes that sound similar or some guitar chord progression that only a Harvard music professor can explain.  Taking word for word lyrics and notes, using them to gain great recognition and fame, all the while not being truthful about where they came from.

For example.

You are probably thinking, shut up I have the reissue of Physical Graffiti and it credits Willy Dixon in the liner notes, so what are you talking about?  That credit did not appear until after someone brought it up and threatened to sue the band, or did and won the case forcing Led Zeppelin to put the credit in the liner notes.  Musicians take ideas all the time from other musicians, the important part is they ask and or give the credit without a court case to prove it.

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For the record in no way does this take away from their talent and skill as musicians, their legacy will live on forever, tainted with dishonesty, but some would say that is just rock and roll baby.   – E

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