All these rockers are making headlines for the same reason….


Just an observation. But these dudes are all…..FALLING APART!


To start, Guns N’ Roses’ Axl Rose is currently performing with a broken foot:

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Just announced, Axl Rose will be replacing Brian Johnson as lead singer of AC/DC.

That’s because “poor” Brian has been told by doctors to stop touring or risk going deaf:

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Then, there’s ZZ Top bass player Dusty Hill. He dislocated his shoulder, forcing the band to cancel a bunch of shows over the weekend:


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And, finally, Paul Stanley from KISS has torn his bicep!

He says doctors have repaired it with screws & stitches and that he’ll be “ready to rock” in time for the upcoming KISS tour.


*Paul Stanley/FB
*Paul Stanley/FB



Happy Healing, Gents!

Tara Jean



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