It’s Vinyl Record Day so this blog is not going to sit well in the eyes of the management at JACK 96.9 but… here goes nothing.


Well, almost everyone but me.

I was a CD kid and, from the ages of 6 to 30, I accumulated over 3000 of them. I remember getting my first radio job in a small town in Northern Alberta. I packed my Dodge Neon with a duffle bag of clothing and 3000 CDs to travel across this great nation. It was a bit ridiculous. Move after move I carted old milk crates full of those CDs. Then one day my wife, then my girlfriend, handed me a little box wrapped with a neat bow. I opened it to find my first iPod. My CD collection was instantly a relic and I have never looked back! I still actually use that same iPod 10 years later.

So why the hate on vinyl? Well to be truthful, it’s the argument more than anything. How many times have you been standing with a music fan that shuns you because you don’t think vinyl sounds better? Or that you don’t think holding liner notes is so vital to the music experience? Or, wait for it … “The crackle and pop is the soul of the music.” Yada, yada, yada.

Look, I love music and it is the number one thing in my life (after my kids Liam and Piper… but music is even interwoven in the making of those kids LOL). I think I fell in love with my wife because the first time I met her she argued with me about how Bob Dylan was better than the Insane Clown Posse. (That’s a blog for another time) note from the music director: Kenny’s wife was right!

However, as much of a music fan as I am, I can’t sing, play an instrument or tell the difference between an MP3 or vinyl. Now I am not looking down on people that love vinyl, but can we all agree there are a lot of bandwagon vinyl fans? (thank you Jack White) I guess in a nut shell, the majority of vinyl fans I have had contact with are kind of dicks. Not all, but a lot.

I appreciate that record stores still thrive today and I appreciate collectors and their hobby. Just please don’t judge me that I prefer to spend my time hunting for that perfect track on iTunes or Spotify. Also, I do it while sipping plain old house dripped coffee. Let’s not get started on coffee snobs!! LOL!

God it feels great to get that off my chest!



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