The Go-Go’s album Vacation turns 35 today so we dug up six super smart JACK facts:

  1. The title track, and the biggest hit on the album, became the first cassette single released in the US.
  2. The album was recorded at Sunset Sound Recorders in Hollywood, which is the same studio where Prince recorded Purple Rain, the Beach Boys recorded Pet Sounds and Disney recorded the music for 101 Dalmatians.
  3. The video for “Vacation” was shot in one day on a $50,000 budget.
  4. The song “Speeding” is not on the album but was used as the B-side of the single for “Get Up and Go”. It also appeared in the film Fast Times at Ridgemont High.
  5. A remastered version of the CD was released in 2016 and features 7 new songs (the above-mentioned song “Speeding”, five live songs and a demo of “Cool Jerk”).
  6. This one isn’t a fact but our Music Director’s favourite song on the album is the Beach Boys-inspired “Beatnik Beach”. Grab your surfboard and check it out!

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