Were you in Vancouver during the summer of ’83? Because if you were, you probably remember the grand opening of the gargantuan BC Place, which opened on June 19, 1983. But did you know the very first concert under the world’s largest inflatable roof (at the time) was none other than the legend David Bowie?

Bowie rocked Vancouver so hard that he ended up playing two more shows in Vancouver a few months later (at the Coliseum). His second show in September was actually filmed for the Serious Moonlight concert film. Alas, footage from the BC Place is quite hard to find.

53, 878 were there to witness Bowie at his peak and one look at the set-list shows just how great this show must have been. Just check out the list of classics Bowie played that night: “Heroes”, “Golden Years”, “Let’s Dance”, “China Girl”, “Rebel Rebel”, “Space Oddity”, “Fame”, “The Jean Genie”, “Young Americans”, “Modern Love”…. it’s essentially his greatest hits!

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We still have the front page of the newspaper from the next day and BC Place shared a tweet of their copy of the original tour poster (which is actually for August 8th, even though the concert was the 9th)! Check them out below.


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