Despite not being a fan of Fallon, he did a commendable job (even though he looked more and more intoxicated as the night went on.
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7 (and an extra 4 plus minutes of) things about the 74th Golden Globe Awards
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Ryan Gosling had the speech of the night for La La Land winning a record 7 Golden Globes (voted by just 90 people from the Hollywood Foreign Press).
Ryan Reynolds and Andrew Garfield consoled each other with a kiss after losing the Best Actor in a Musical or Comedy

Can we have Kristen Wiig and Steve Carell host the 75th Golden Globes Awards?


Can we not have Amy Schumer and Goldie Hawn at the 75th Golden Globe Awards?

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And enough of the ‘I can’t read the teleprompter’ jokes.
This makes me less of a man for not being part of the beard parade.

Her speech did go a little long, and she somehow regained her voice that she lost, but Trump was listening.
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The Rickster (wondering how Moonlight, La La Land, Elle, and Manchester by the Sea will be the ones to watch during the Academy Award nominations).

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