Better on stage than it is as a movie. Based on the 1983 Christmas comedy, the musical brings to life the adventures of nine-year-old Ralphie Parker convincing his parents that he needs an official Red Ryder carbine action range model BB gun during December of 1940. Running until December 27th at the Stanley Industrial Alliance Stage, A Christmas Story The Musical is the perfect countdown to Christmas (other than owning your own lamp in the shape of a leg wearing a fishnet stocking). Meghan Gardiner is grandiose as the mother; in fact, the entire ensemble is perfectly casted especially the notable nine (see above).

Bumpuses’ dog almost steals the show, and the turkey. The final scene at the Chinese restaurant on Christmas Day always reminds me of Christmas dinner 2006 in Las Vegas. Long live The Imperial. Duck is delicious. The calendar on the Parker kitchen wall will remind you of how quickly the days of December will fly by. Have a leg up on the holiday season by spending a couple of hours with a Christmas story. Your eye will thank you for it later.

The Rickster (wondering how he can’t wait for It’s a Wonderful Life at the Granville Island Stage).